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Tag your design on any apparel you have in mind. Connect your Shopify store to Tagit Express so we can fulfill your orders while you focus on the business. Our express turnaround time guarantees your online orders fulfilled within 14 business days. With over 10 years of experience creating custom apparel, our knowledgeable team is capable of helping you grow your apparel business.

Whether you need a design for new clothing or looking for marketing guidance, our team can consult with you to discuss your goals and how we can grow your business together. Currently, our web store and order fulfillment service are only available for merchants on the Shopify platform. Get started today with our service so you can take your business to a new level you have been anticipating.


Q: Do you offer drop shipping?

A: Yes! We can print and fulfil your orders from our shop located in Oshawa, ON.

Q: Can you include packaging slips with order fulfilment service?

A: Yes! We can include your packaging slips if you buy it and send it to us.

Q: What is the cost of order fulfilment service?

We charge for the price to print your design on apparel and shipping costs. Our order fulfilment cost is one flat fee you pay per order.

Q: How can I set this service up today?

A: All we need to do is install a Shopify app onto your store that will allow us to be notified of your orders and fulfill them.

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