Why Did I Start Tagit Express?


You've found me, Allister, is it safe to say you are ready to launch a clothing brand if you haven't already? Or maybe you just need some help to print something unique for yourself. Either way, I'm glad to help you.

After leaving a prominent bank job more than a decade ago, this business has travelled a long way since the early 2000s. In this article, I will share my story with you and what I'm all about.

It wasn’t until my 10th anniversary at the bank that I realized I wanted more for my life, I wanted my dream to come true. I left my regular day job to pursue my talents in graphic design. Because I had a background in making apparel, I understood why what we wear is so important to people. Some even define themselves by what they wear. This is when I knew I wanted to create custom apparel.

Each person is different and what they wear should be too. No more of the cookie-cutter apparel from big box stores, but instead original designs made just for you. This business has become an amazing outlet for me to visually create what others are thinking. It was the best decision I ever made to persevere and chase this dream.

In 2021, my business team is growing bigger. There are many services we plan to offer entrepreneurs to help them grow their e-commerce clothing brand. We want to become Ontario's premier choice for a drop shipping service, and we're striving every day to work towards that goal.

So THANK YOU for finding Tagit Express, let's chat sometime! I swear, we're a cool team 😅

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