What is Vinyl Printing on T-Shirts

Vinyl printing on t-shirts is a process that involves a machine that cuts out designs and letters to make your custom t-shirts. Once the vinyl is cut out, it is then applied to your t-shirts with a heat press.

This t-shirt printing service is one of the best printing methods that can ensure your designs last a long time without fading away too soon. If you want high-quality custom t-shirts, vinyl printing can be a reliable choice to consider instead of DTG printing.

Although vinyl printing is good for t-shirt printing, several factors can impact the process. The type of vinyl you choose, the ink you use and the heat press you use all affect the final quality of your custom t-shirts.

Choosing vinyl printing will give you the added assurance that your shirts won’t be ruined by the sun or washing machine anytime soon.

Is vinyl printing better than DTG printing?

Deciding between DTG or vinyl for custom t-shirts can be a tough choice. However, when it comes to garments printed, vinyl printing can be good for small quantities while adding a unique touch and feel to the design.

Vinyl printing is quite different from DTG printing, and although it's not necessarily better than DTG for everyone, there are some ways in which it can be better for your business.

Both options are great for small quantities of custom t-shirts, but each has its benefits.

Vinyl printing can be a good choice for custom t-shirts, especially for designs that have simple shapes and small amounts of colour.

DTG printing can be a more suitable option for large format designs with complex shapes like pictures and logos. This t-shirt printing service is ideal for someone that needs their custom t-shirts fast as vinyl printing can take longer.

How long does a vinyl print last on custom t-shirts?

Vinyl prints are a durable and long-lasting printing method that can last more than five years with the proper care. Whether you plan to wear your custom t-shirts indoors or outdoors, the vinyl on your shirt is made to last longer than the shirt in most cases.

The durability of vinyl prints comes from the material itself, which is made of three layers: an inner layer of soft plastic, an outer layer of hard plastic that protects from scratches, and the ink in between.

The ink is applied using heat transfer technology that permanently bonds it to the shirt's fabric. It won't peel off or fade over time like other types of prints might (like screen printing).

Vinyl prints are also water-resistant, meaning they're great for those who enjoy working out or playing sports in their shirts. You can wash them just like any other cotton garment without worrying about ruining your print!


Vinyl printing is a fantastic choice if you want durable t-shirts, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Vinyl may be better than DTG, but both methods have their respective benefits and drawbacks.

The way you print your t-shirts can ultimately affect how they turn out more than the printing method itself, so make sure you’re aware of all the steps involved in this process when ordering your custom shirts!

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