How to Make Sales Online - The Ultimate Guide

I started Tagit Express 12 years ago, and since we've printed for a ton of brands and influencers. While COVID has an impact on all of my consumers, brands now rely on online strategies more than ever to make sales. 

Previously, brands that approached me had serious financial backing, a huge social media following base, some had marketing plans, some had great designs. Although they all did have passion, it wasn't enough to keep them successful. 

In this post, I list some of the most common reasons that clothing brands fail. You can learn from the mistakes to have a better chance of being successful. 

Please note, I am not trying to discourage you from starting your own clothing brand, whereas I want you to know that it's harder than you think. 

Don't Waste Your Money on Irrelevant Stuff

Patents, copyrights, and trademarks are not necessary when you are trying to get started with growing your clothing brand. Focus on your cash flow and ensure you can make a reasonable profit before investing money in any intellectual property. 

Make A Marketing Plan Before You Launch

Not just a marketing plan, but a business plan also. You need to understand how your brand will find people or how people will find your brand. Build excitement for the design before any clothing is even ready to sell. Both the marketing and business plan is crucial to get your clothing brand sales online.

Start Small 

It will not benefit you in any way by ordering lots of inventory and trying to discount it for a cheaper price. You'll pay more per shirt this way but be able to manage and scale slowly. Focus on fewer designs and get as many sales out of it as possible before expanding the brand any further.

Trust Your Gut

Get non-biased opinions from people you don't know. Hear their feedback and understand how you can move forward based on what you have heard from potential consumers.

Sell High-Quality Products

Would you want to buy a cheap shirt that doesn't feel comfortable? Always put yourself in your consumer's position when making compromises with regards to choosing fabrics and printing options. 

Know Your Numbers

Imagine pitching your clothing brand to the panel of investors on Dragons Den. Would your margins be good enough to have somebody invest money into your business? Understand what your costs to run the business are from acquiring a customer to extras like packaging slips. 

Re-Invest Profits

Don't buy a MacBook Pro just because you made $1,000 in sales. Build an empire for your brand by investing more money into your business to get more sales. Spend your money on more inventory and establish a marketing budget to grow your business. It's not worth paying yourself $250 from your profit now when you could have $2,500 in your pocket a few months from now. At some point, you should take profits for yourself, but it is totally up to you depending on your circumstances. 

Assume People Don't Care

A new clothing brand starts every day. What is going to set you apart from the pack of entrepreneurs who don't last many years? You can't assume people will care for your product. Keep them coming back and rushing to be first in line when your new products drop. Making sales online is a battle and the odds are against you. With the right plan, design, and passion I promise that you can make it. 

So Just Do It

What are you waiting for? Our team at Tagit Express has experts that can help you start or grow your clothing brand into the vision you desire. Get started by requesting a consult to speak with a representative from our team 


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