Easy Budgeting for Custom Printed T Shirts

Wondering how much you need to budget for custom printed t shirts? Well, there are three main costs that you should be aware of when buying your custom printed t shirts. All together these costs can be associated with Graphic Design, T Shirt Material, and Custom T-Shirt Printing. 

In this article, we will uncover how much you need to budget to print custom t shirts at our print shop in Oshawa.  

Step 1: Graphic Design

Before you get thinking about graphic design, it's best to have some inspiration for custom t shirt ideas. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the type of graphic design you may be looking for. Some of the most popular graphic design options for custom t shirts are Custom Work Shirts with Company Logo, Custom Image Shirts, or even Custom Family Shirts to name a few. Depending on the type of Graphic Design you are seeking, you may decide to work with us or an external partner. 

At Tag-it Express, we have a catalogue that features custom printed t shirts with graphic designs that we completed or have received from the customer. When customers choose us to complete their graphic design the art fee can range from $40 - $150/ per hour for designing graphics for your custom shirts.

If you decide to work with an external partner, you may be able to find a cheaper rate through other mediums available. Some customers we work with decide to contact graphic designers on Instagram or Fiverr before approaching us. This allows them to get graphic designs for a cheaper price that may range between $15 - $90 from what we hear. 

All together, you should expect to pay anywhere from $15 - $150+ for graphic design depending on the complexity of your art work and who creates it.

Step 2: T Shirt Material

Now that you have designs ready to print on shirts, the next step is to decide which t-shirt material is best suited for what you want. With so many different options it's best to choose something that would make people feel comfortable. However, the best t shirt material choices for printing we like are polyester, cotton, or a mix of both materials. 

The cost for t shirt material will be dependent on how many t shirts you are buying at a time. If you decide to buy t shirts in bulk, you can expect to pay a better price than buying it in lower quantities. 

When buying your t shirts in wholesale for a bulk purchase, you can expect to pay around $3 - $9 for an order of 50 or more blank tees. Finding a distributor that supplies authentic quality t shirts can be difficult. That's why when you work with us, we have the ability to get quality t shirts at a better rate without you having to worry about sourcing a distributor yourself. 

All together, you should expect to pay anywhere from $3-9 per shirt when you buy from us or the supplier themself. 

If you're someone who prefers to have access to buying wholesale t-shirts ahead of time in bulk, we suggest you watch the video below from one of our preferred suppliers. 

Step 3: Custom T Shirt Printing

When it comes to custom t shirt printing, this is the part where you don't want to sacrifice quality for cheap custom printed t shirts. Buying custom t shirts from our local print shop means you can expect quality no matter the quantity you decide to purchase. 

The cost for DTG printing and vinyl printing may differ. If you are not aware of the differences between the two, you should read our article on dtg vs vinyl printing for custom t shirts. 

In general, choosing vinyl printing can be a cheaper option than DTG printing. This is dependent on the volume of shirts you are ordering and the complexity of your art work that needs to be printed. 

All together, you should expect to pay anywhere from $10-30 per shirt for custom t shirt printing depending on the volume ordered and artwork complexity. 


Budgeting for custom t shirts doesn't have to be stressful. With the help of Tag-it Express, you can expect to pay as much as $60 for 1 custom printed t shirt or as little as $15 for high-volume orders. To learn more information about custom t shirt printing in Oshawa or shipping to surrounding areas, please request a consultation to speak with us.

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