5 Fashion Marketing Tips for Your Clothing Business

To thrive in the fashion industry, it is important that you understand that without marketing your brand, you will not reach as many consumers. Entrepreneurs should recognize that fashion marketing can help your clothing business thrive into the next level whether you are a start-up or experienced corporation. Here is a list of the 7 fashion marketing tips we have compiled that has been utilized to grow our own business. 

1. Utilize Video Content Often

There are many platforms for your clothing business to create video content for including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. It is important that you recognize that content is digested in different ways through these platforms, so you should create video content that fits the social media channel. For example, TikTok can be great for short videos whereas YouTube is better for longer videos. Instagram & Facebook are efficient methods to promote your TikTok & YouTube content in short snippets that will entice the consumer to watch your videos on TikTok & YouTube.

2. Build a Presence on YouTube

Although you can utilize video content often on the 4 channels we just mentioned, it is best to build a presence on YouTube so your clothing business can get monetized for its marketing efforts. It is going to take a lot of effort to build a presence on YouTube, but a successful clothing business like Gymshark is an example of how you can create a community of consumers that watch your video content online and also buy your fashion pieces to support the culture behind your brand. YouTube will allow your clothing business to bring together a sense of community and culture to grow your brand worldwide!

3. Tell Your Stories Through Blog Articles

We weren't to keen on writing blog articles either however, content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to create value for your potential consumers before they even decide to buy from your clothing business. It is important you tell your stories because this will allow your target market to relate with the brand and understand why they should support your clothing business over any other. You can get your inspiration from a brand like Fashion Nova who updates their blog regularly regarding new fashion styles for their consumers to stay up to date on trends. Blog articles will take a significant amount of time for you to see the return-on-investment but it is definitely worth it for long-lasting results.

4. Get Your Clothing in Local Retail Clothing Stores

Create a list of fashion boutiques within your area and let them know you are creating a brand for your clothing business. If your brand can create enough hype, you want your clothing designs to be seen where people shop most often. Selling your clothes in the Hudson Bay would be a great opportunity, but unfortunately the chance of getting your design to sell in these retail stores is more slim then trying to sell in your local fashion boutiques. Start by contacting local retail clothing stores to see if they would be interested in purchasing your clothing for their store so you both can create exposure for each other. 

5. Run a Social Media Contest

A social media contest is a great way to obtain more followers for your brand and reengage followers that haven't been active. Whatever type of social media contest you run, make sure that you can generate as much exposure as possible to make the contest worthwhile for efficient results. 

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