3 Tips to Get Your Next $1,000 in Sales

When I was 33, I left a six-figure salary to start a custom apparel business. 10 years later, Tagit Express has become one of the most reliable and respected businesses in the GTA for custom t-shirts and more. 

This post will help you understand some of the strategies I use consistently to get my next $1,000 in sales.

To start, here's a list of things you don't need to get sales:

  • Money
    • It doesn't take $1,000 to make $1,000 in sales. You only need a small fraction of that to set up your store with Shopify
  • Innovative Idea 
    • Your product doesn't have to be skyrocketing to make a profit. Passion for what you are selling should come naturally.
  • Huge team
    • You can start a business and make sales by yourself!

But, here's what you do need to do:

  • Grow brand awareness
    • It doesn't matter when or where you start. Building brand awareness is essential to ensure consumers are aware of what your selling.
  • Convert sales 
    • Website sessions don't mean anything unless orders are being placed. Reviews and product descriptions are essential to gain more sales.
  • Encourage engagement
    • Your website and your email list are the only things you can own on the internet. Welcome new and returning customers on your intellectual property.. aka your creations. 

Real-Life Examples


They spend millions on billboards because they know once you see that ad after a long walk, you'll choose their drink over others as you're aware of their product and brand's presence.

It is important as a small business owner you create that same kind of awareness for your brand. You don't need to put billboards near the Eaton Centre or spend money on Facebook advertising to thrive. In this digital age, you can utilize many social media outlets to promote what you sell.


Now is the golden age of TikTok. If you're not on TikTok, it's time to make some videos and go viral with this platform. You must get started on this platform now before they start monetizing it more to marketers and advertisers while also making it harder to reach virality.


I know you've read about this platform before! It might not seem relevant, but this site still ranks high on the search engine as many users update it daily with questions that can be specific to your niche. By responding with thorough answers, users can be made aware of the product you are selling. 

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